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Strategic Marketing &

Develop and implement plans to introduce new programs, services and entire organizations as well as initiatives to help advance an organization's business goals.


Design and develop websites; write and produce e-newsletters; write and manage content for corporate web and intranet sites; develop, implement and manage social media programs; produce corporate videos.

Branding &

Lead a process to help organizations or new business lines define their brand and positioning; create logos and graphic identity standards; help manage implementation of new corporate identity programs.


Convey the heart and soul of an organization through videos of employees and individuals served.

Executive Communications

Develop corporate messaging platforms and strategies, including speechwriting and multi-media presentations.

Corporate Communications

Produce annual reports; e-annual reports; books; employee benefit materials; employee communications; newsletters; and promotional materials.

New Products/
New Business

Direct market research and creative brand development processes to launch new product and business lines.

Ad Campaigns

Develop multi-media campaigns from concept through production and evaluation.


Devise strategies for clients to cultivate and manage relationships with stakeholders to create and maintain loyalty.


Develop and implement media strategies to advance a client's business objectives; build relationships with members of the news media; provide crisis communications counsel.

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Our team also includes a photographer who specializes in human portraits; a web developer for the technical aspects of website development; a creative writer and art director for external promotional campaigns; and a social media expert to help leverage messages in the digital space.

It’s been said

“It has been my pleasure to work with Principal and Lead Strategist at Lutheran Social Services since she arrived in 2013 as our Chief Marketing Officer. In a very short period of time she and her team did an outstanding job rebuilding our external marketing programs and enhancing employee engagement through their work on internal communications. Their work championing our brand strategy had a very positive impact on donor and stakeholder relationships. Their advice to our senior leadership team was invaluable in good times and in difficult times. I highly recommend them.”
— John R. Howman, Board Chair
Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin & Upper Michigan

“For the past 18 years, Strode Communications (now known as Beaumont Day) has been a trusted, creative and highly effective partner in our marketing communication strategy. They have the wisdom to understand complex challenges and the experience to translate and deliver successful solutions. They've been an essential, valued member of our team.”
— Diane Jones, Retired Vice President of Mission
Catholic Health Initiatives, Denver, Colorado

“In my tenure as CEO of a large non-profit with more than 800 employees scattered throughout a two-state area and touching over 100,000 lives annually, it was clear to me that strong communications was a critical part of our ability to deliver our mission. Kristi Strode Felber and the Strode Communications (now known as Beaumont Day) network were stellar in helping tell our message to a broad and varied audience of donors, government partners, staff and clients. Kristi and team excelled at creating and distributing clear communication messages using the newest social media opportunities, traditional television and newsprint media and effectively using creative videos. They delivered the highest quality product at reasonable and competitive pricing. Their efforts helped increase donor and client engagement as well as assist in crucial lobbying efforts. They were a critically important part of our team and I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them.”
— David Larson, Retired CEO
Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

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Kristi Felber
Principal and Lead Strategist